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Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Training Video Provided by K Alliance


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Training Video Provided by K Alliance


Whether you're thinking of entering the IT field or an IT professional, CBT is right for you if you have too many things going on in life and would like to still fit in some learning on your own time. We understand that attending classes and following do it yourself books often fall short for busy professionals. With CBT and e-learning courses for Microsoft and Oracle and approved by Cisco and Comptia are literally at your fingertips.

Continuing education in the IT field is a must, which’s is why we offer various computer based training videos to choose from. This fast paced ever changing field demands professionals with current skills and expertise. CBT is ideal for both the entry-level trainee and the established IT professional. Computer based training programs vary from offerings such as basic certification programs to the latest technologies that allows established professionals to keep pace with the industry. CBT training is great since it allows you to make your own learning times and schedule. You will learn either from our computer training CD or our computer training on DVD.

CD-ROMs loaded with software allow for hands on training at home or at work without the need for attending classes. Who wants to drive to and from class when they can accomplish the same learning in the comfort of their home or office? Fast learners can accelerate their learning while slower learners can take their time until they’ve mastered the program. In an actual class setting this isn’t always possible. Instead, simply install CBT direct to either a laptop or desktop PC and follow the steps. With computer based training, you can learn at your own pace at your own convenience. If you wish to accelerate your learning, you may take Microsoft MCITP boot camp training courses. You can also insert the software training CD anywhere you take your laptop for learning on the go! CBT Direct offer tons of computer based training videos to choose from that are all taught by certified instructors in the field. Currently our Microsoft Office training CD is the most popular title given everybody uses these programs someway or another.

We also offer corporate training CBT courses that allows a company to teach a number of employees at the same time. This CBT option is great for when various staff members all need to learn something. Many companies choose our Microsoft Office training CD since employees use these programs on the regular. Corporate training CBT courses are also very cost-effective ways to teach employees new skills and enhance their knowledge.

Self study books have their place but don’t offer the hands on experience of an interactive CD-ROM. Put simply, using multimedia is much more fun than reading a technical book. The more interesting it is, the more likely you will stick with it. While you use the programs, you will gain knowledge and expertise in the subject matter of your choice. CD-ROMS packed with video instruction, hands on lab simulations, quizzes and practice exams allow you to perform the tasks as you learn step by step. After completing a topic, follow the section reviews to ensure that you remember what you have just learned. After completing a course, repeat the section reviews to identify areas you may need to brush up on.

In addition, online computer training contains both pre and post exams as an aid to passing certification tests. Practice the exams on the CD-ROM before going for your certification exam, your confidence and knowledge will help you pass the real thing.

In the fast changing world of IT, the advantages of using e-Learning are numerous. Here are a few CBT nuggets:

  • More free time: No need to attend classes and no commute.
  • Learn when and where you want: You set the schedule that works best for you.
  • Hands on learning: With CBT, you actually perform simulations right on your own computer.
  • Section reviews: Review the material you just learned. This helps keep the material fresh in your mind and also to identify areas you may need to work on.
  • Exams: Practice makes perfect. By practicing the exams on the disc on your own terms you will be ready to pass the formal certification exam later.

Take control of your career by taking advantage of computer based training.


Few E-Learning Providers:

CBT Systems courses cover computer applications, operating systems, programming languages and networking technologies. Users can either download courses to their computer or take them online through CBTWeb, which is the web-based method for accessing CBT Systems courses.

Because every course has the same look and feel, it is easy to move from course to course. Pre-tests can help users determine which courses to take.

Career Academy is the global leader in self paced computer technology training solutions for the IT Professional, provides the most complete and up to date self-paced certification and job related training library available. By Combining the finest instructor led lectures with the latest Technological trends in content development and delivery, Career Academy has recreated the classroom experience for those students that are not able to fit a class schedule into their busy lifestyle.

Learnkey is a premier global provider of self-paced training solutions for corporate, education, government and personal users. For nearly two decades our mission has been to create flexible Expert Learning Solutions – solutions that work for everyone because they are not only easy to use, but they are extremely engaging and interactive. LearnKey brings the classroom experience to you – where and when you need it.

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